Update: Clutter City, online shop and new music!

Sorry for my lack of updates recently. Thought I'd just post a quick catch-up of things that has happened/is going to happen.

Clutter City

So, I took part in Clutter City at the Norwich Arts Centre on Saturday. I had a good time, and sold a few pieces of art to follow. I had a quick look at what other people were selling, to get a general idea of what products I should be making, and spoke to some people about their work and stalls. I've still got a fair amount of prints and such left over, which brings me on to my next comment...

Online Shop

Since I've got a nice selection of work to sell, and it's not the digital artwork sold through Society6 and Artflakes, I thought it would be a good idea to set up an online shop to sell some prints. I've not decided on the best way to do this yet (either a self hosted site, Etsy or such) but I'm getting the ball rolling with some photography and preliminary setup work. Once it's all in place, I'll be sure to post some information on it!


And now, as I made the EP for Clutter City, it's time to start pushing my new musical project. It's called Laika Goes to Space and i've already written a few new songs for it. The first EP is out now, and you can find it at laikagoestospace.bandcamp.com. I've attached the artwork below, and it is avaliable as a digital download, or as a limited edition handmade cd. Go and have a listen and let me know what you think (and buy it if you'd like, of course!). I think this will be a bit more of a personal project, as I don't envision getting a band together to perform the material, but you never know what might happen.



So, that's about it for the moment. I'll start posting more pictures of some of the artwork I will be selling soon, as well as any other updates. I also need to get back into the regular Inspiration Round-up posts, which shall return shortly.


Clutter City Autumnal Market 2013

So guys, here it is! I will be taking part in this year's Clutter City at the Norwich Arts Centre. I'll have my little stall of prints, postcards and such, alongside 30 other people with some excellent things for sale! There's also live music and food to cater to your tastes, so why not pop along?

I'll be posting some images of the work i'll have for sale fairly shortly (once all of it is finished, of course!), but it would be great to see some of you guys and gals there!


Short update

Hi there!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I've been recently doing a lot of work for an upcoming fair, hoping to sell some work! Sorting out files with printers, coming up with concepts and actually making some prints!

I'll have some further info once everything is sorted out, and post some pictures of the finished products, but for now, here's a sneak peek at a print i've been working on.

Urban Warfare // tomcolmans.com


Inspiration roundup #7

I'm suprised I've managed to keep this that updated, but it's nice having a place to post some of the things I find trawling the internet in my boredom looking for inspiration. To cut a long story short, here's post #7:

Space Alphabet print by Fify-Five Hi's: http://www.55his.com/products/space-alphabet

Recycled Vinyl record glasses by Vinylize: http://www.vinylize.com/

Animal illustrations/paintings by Amy Hamilton: http://amyhamilton.ca/

The Great British Butcher branding by Day By Day: http://www.designbyday.co.uk/projects/the-great-british-butcher.php



Inspiration roundup #6

So, time for part 6 in this series then! I've been in a bit more of a creative mood recently, with a few ideas for some projects in my mind. Nothing has come out of it yet, but some of the things I have found for this post have made me think about pursuing a few ideas a bit further. For now, here's post number 6:

The Hipster Logo design guide. So bloody accurate, how many times have I seen this type of logo? (though I am slightly guilty of some parts of this): http://hipsterlogo.com/

Emerging from the logos by Yoni Alter. Amazing set of prints of Formula 1 cars stripped down to their advertising: http://www.yoniishappy.com/Emerging-from-the-logos-1

Incarnate (Three Degrees of Certanty II) by Maskull Lasserre. Carving a book into the shape of a skull must be time consuming, but it looks wonderful: http://maskulllasserre.com/artwork/2501867_Incarnate_Three_Degrees_of_Certainty_II.html

Photogenic Alchemy by Michael Cetta. Experimenting in the developing process by adding, amongst other things, absinthe and turpentine. The effects are striking: http://www.synapseshots.com/photogenicalchemy/


Chinon CE-4


Chinon CE-4, a set on Flickr.
Photos taken last winter with my latest film camera.