A Little Bit of Spring Cleaning....

Just re-vamped the look of my blog, went from that horrid to read white text on black, to a nice cleaner black text on white. Also gave the whole blog a nice new template which seems to be working for the time being.

Some updates are forthcoming.

Be prepared!

Silversun Pickups

I have become a little bit obsessed with this song, Though i'm not quite sure why. It's got such a nice rhythm to it, I think that might be it.


Favourites @ Perfect Pad Exhibition

I will be displaying these two pieces of work at an exhibition in Norwich at the perfect pad.

Favourites: An Exhibitition

A mixed arts exhibition featuring upcoming artists.
Each contributing artist has submitted work based around their favourite film, book & song


Bill & Ted: Wyld Stallyns!

Joe Strummer: Sandinista/The Clash

I have had a few prints done of these, as well as a couple of framed ones available to buy from the perfect pad. If they run out, they can also be boughts through Society6 here: www.society6.com/studio/tomcolmans/store

I'm sorry for the lack of updates at the moment, but I have some exciting new projects coming up that need to be finalised before I leak any details


Olympus Trip Photography

pier hill hotel

Scanned In some films I got developed from my trusty Olympus Trip! There's more on Flickr. Have a look around, stay a while, It's not so bad!

More Illustration updates soon, I promise!



New Society6 Print

Alcoholic Euphemisms

I decided to put all my alcoholic euphemisms together in one print so that you could see them all together.


A Hard Day's Night

A Selection of collage and mixed media from a book I made in University


Quality Papers


Click for bigger/flickr


Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family

Click for bigger/flickr

The Flamin' Groovies

Nostalgia. I has it.

I was trying to think of some of the music that I used to be obsessed with, and how much my music taste has changed since then. It turns out, quite a lot. I remembered (proudly) that the first cd that I ever bought for myself was the japanese version of Echo Park by Feeder. Brilliant album that it was, I have not listened to the warblings done by them inn quite a long time. anyway......moving on.

One of the albums that I remember I was obsessed with for a while was a compilation my Dad bought called Teenage Kicks. One side mainly punk, the other mainly new wave. Pretty good collection of hits, I suggest trying to get a copy if you can find it (there's a lot of albums like this with the same title, but it's the one with a Dr. Marten's boot smashing through the cover). This is one of my choice picks from the new wave side, Shake Some Action by The Flamin' Groovies


The Ink Spots

Yes I do like Fallout 3. It's a fantastic game, mainly because the soundtrack is so superb and fitting for the atmosphere it provides. And this brings me onto The Ink Spots.

1940/50's vocal joyfulness. I've realised that I have a very eclectic music taste now, and I'm really getting into some of the classic Jazz and Blues, and The Ink Spots are just brilliant for their vocal harmony range. Granted, all their songs pretty much start the same with the thrademark 3-chord "dun-da-dun-dun", and most of their songs are based around the same formulas and chord structures, but still they have some classic songs that are perfect for listening to when relaxing or trying to think.

Here's one of my favourites by them, called "If I Didn't Care"



I've just joined a website called Society 6, it's a good place to promote your work and find a lot of other good artists.
I've also got some prints for sale on there. Feel free to have a look