I've just had a bit of a re-arrangement of my blog, so i've got rid of a lot of the clutter that wasn't helping out or that I was not using. I'm also trying out a new tagging method, tagging each blog under a singular category for ease of archiving/documenting. There's now a way of sorting by tags on the right, so that you can bunch posts by what is contained in them. I'm not sure how useful this will be, but I thought i'd give it a go for a while to see what happens.

Student Union


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Quick Update

Not much to report at the moment, i'm a bit snowed under with preparing to go home for the holidays. Just a quick update to let you know that i've gone through my blog and updated all my pictures with flickr links, so now the images should link directly to there so that they can be viewed larger. The old way of loading images took far too long and took up too much space, so i've tried to update it as uniformly as possible. Plus, then you can check out some of the work that i've not uploaded on this blog, along with some photography.

To sedate you till I upload some new work, here's a 3 part narrative that I did a few weeks back. Enjoy, and I hope to post some new work fairly soon.

The Sunrider


Status Update

So I haven't updated this in a long time, be it due to working hard or laziness (you decide!) so I thought i'd post a general update about what's been happening with my work and this blog.

This blog is going to be staying here for a while, but i'm currently in the process of setting myself up a website with a proper blog and a portfolio in preparation for the inevitable end of university and the plunge headfirst into freelancing. No official details to report yet, i've got a temporary host at the moment with little to show (as i'm waiting for a chance t
o create a website as part of my course/final major) so i've not got anything to link to as of right now (except an empty page with nothing on it). Stay tuned for more information on that once I finalize what is going to happen with that.

As of uni work, i've been steadily working through that on some pretty good  briefs that i've adapted from the standard ones we have been given (it's third year, it's allowed)
. Currently i'm working on a poster for the Buzzcocks tour in january, which hopefully i'll get to go to, a couple of editorials, and a book cover project about music genres. I've also made a narrative for a fundraising book that my year are releasing to get some funds for our end of year show, which should be good.

I'll post a couple of pieces of work on here, as per usual more work can probably be found on my flickr and deviantart (which are linked on the right).

The first piece is a 24 hour editorial project, whereby I had to illustrate an article on dressage. The second piece is part of the buzzcocks poster project, and is a rough sketch I was working on. Experimenting with flickr links this time, so click on the images to see them bigger/links to flickr (I think)

dressage editorial

figure drawing


Life On Mars

So i'm a bit of an addict when it comes to certain things. I'm addicted to the band Snuff, so I own almost everything by them and by bands involving the member/related to them. I'm addicted to shoes, and as such I own several pairs that I hardly ever wear. And the last thing is by films and telelvision series.
I love british comedy and drama. Scour through my dvd collection and you'll see some examples of great television that's been out for the past few years. My latest addiction is to the series Life On Mars, and to a latter extent Ashes To Ashes. My mates bought me the 2 series box set of Life On Mars for my birthday, and it's been watched ever since.

I decided to draw the four main characters of the series mainly through watching the series and wanting to draw some costume/people from different eras. Though they're not the best drawings I admit, I quite like them as i've tried to make them bear at least a slight resemblance to the actors. Anyway, as usual check out my flickr for other drawings, and these as well, and hopefully i'll be updating my blog a bit more now since it seems to have been on hiatus for a while.

Life On Mars 1

Life On Mars 2


Software vs. Hand Rendering

I've always been a bit of a digital junkie. In my years at college I mainly did most of my work using photoshop and illustrator, until I found out how much I enjoyed using the printmaking facilities. One of the choices that i'm trying to decide at the moment is whether I want to go back and pursue my digital roots, or if I should keep up with the hand rendered styles i'm developing at the moment. Obviously, depending on the brief that i'm set will depend on the outcome, but i'd like to develop my digital skills along with my traditional ones.

Anyway, on with the post. I've been trying out a program called Sketchbook Pro, which I found out through Stephen Silver's blog (Artist from Ren & Stimpy). I've only done a few images using it, but to be honest it's brilliant. The pencil and pen effects are much better than most of the photoshop or illustrator defaults, and when using a graphics tablet it feels much more like traditional drawing on paper rather than digital. Here's an experiment i've done on this using layers, and copying from a photo. I think this program is
something i'm going to explore more with my work, as I find it so useful and simple to draw with.

Shoe Phone


One More Day

I've been trying to come up with different techniques with my drawing, and to make a theme in my current personal sketchbook that I can explore. I suppose I should explain what i'm doing in my sketch books......well, I have 2 sketchbooks at the moment that are, I suppose, a place to escape from projects and work on things I need to improve on, and styles i'd like to work in. One of them is involving collage, and the other one that i'm focusing on is one in which I only draw faces and people in. Most of the pages that i'll be putting on here and flickr are in this latter sketchbook, as the collage one is a bit more personal and so i'd like to keep that one under wraps until it is nearly finished. That said, here's a page I did literally about 3 minutes before I wrote this blog, just a quick self portrait in a style that i'm enjoying at the moment, with the thin and thick pens on a roughly painted background. Oh, and I never use yellow, so this is interesting in that respect. As always, check out my flickr page (accessed through the links section) and have a look around my work.

self portrait '08


Be-Bop Deluxe

I've been on a bit of a music binge the past two weeks, listening to a lot of the older records i've got in my collection. I'm really getting back into Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark, and seeing as their album Dazzle Ships has just been re-released with bonus tracks I think that will be the next cd i'll add to my collection.

Another band i've been listening to greatly is Be-Bop Deluxe. I have to thank my Dad for getting me into them, as he is a big fan and has most of their albums that i've copied for my listening pleasure. There's something about the guitar style of Bill Nelson that makes me wish I was better in my own attempt at playing, but it's just so nice to listen to. A mixture of rock and roll, reggae, and low tempo numbers shows their diversity, and I never tire of listening to them. Here's a video of them playing the fantastic 'Ships in the Night':

Listening to this music has made me quite interested in the 1970's, plus my obsession with the tv series Life on Mars, and recently Ashes to Ashes, has made me think of some personal projects that I may undertake soon.


Random Sketchbook

So i've got a couple of sketchbooks that I like to do work in that's not related to my uni work, to try and work on things that I need to improve on. One of these sketchbooks I use to mainly draw faces and portraits from images/films, and I thought i'd share a few of the images from it. These are ongoing projects that I plan to continue until the sketchbooks are filled up, or I lose interest, but i'm quite happy with what i'm producing in these books.
Remember, all these images and more can be found through my Flickr account, which you can get to through the links section.




First Post Nightmare

Blogs. Whatever. I'm an illustration student currently studying in the 2nd year at The Norwich School of Art & Design. I've set up this blog to put up some work, write down my ideas and theories, and to have a bit of fun I guess. I'm going to try and keep this updated pretty regularly with work and such, just to see where my work takes me, and hopefully to show some people what I am working on at the moment. To start, here's a self portrait that I drew for a project quite a while ago. New work shall follow soon.

Self Portrait 2007