Status Update

So I haven't updated this in a long time, be it due to working hard or laziness (you decide!) so I thought i'd post a general update about what's been happening with my work and this blog.

This blog is going to be staying here for a while, but i'm currently in the process of setting myself up a website with a proper blog and a portfolio in preparation for the inevitable end of university and the plunge headfirst into freelancing. No official details to report yet, i've got a temporary host at the moment with little to show (as i'm waiting for a chance t
o create a website as part of my course/final major) so i've not got anything to link to as of right now (except an empty page with nothing on it). Stay tuned for more information on that once I finalize what is going to happen with that.

As of uni work, i've been steadily working through that on some pretty good  briefs that i've adapted from the standard ones we have been given (it's third year, it's allowed)
. Currently i'm working on a poster for the Buzzcocks tour in january, which hopefully i'll get to go to, a couple of editorials, and a book cover project about music genres. I've also made a narrative for a fundraising book that my year are releasing to get some funds for our end of year show, which should be good.

I'll post a couple of pieces of work on here, as per usual more work can probably be found on my flickr and deviantart (which are linked on the right).

The first piece is a 24 hour editorial project, whereby I had to illustrate an article on dressage. The second piece is part of the buzzcocks poster project, and is a rough sketch I was working on. Experimenting with flickr links this time, so click on the images to see them bigger/links to flickr (I think)

dressage editorial

figure drawing
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