Inspiration roundup #7

I'm suprised I've managed to keep this that updated, but it's nice having a place to post some of the things I find trawling the internet in my boredom looking for inspiration. To cut a long story short, here's post #7:

Space Alphabet print by Fify-Five Hi's: http://www.55his.com/products/space-alphabet

Recycled Vinyl record glasses by Vinylize: http://www.vinylize.com/

Animal illustrations/paintings by Amy Hamilton: http://amyhamilton.ca/

The Great British Butcher branding by Day By Day: http://www.designbyday.co.uk/projects/the-great-british-butcher.php



Inspiration roundup #6

So, time for part 6 in this series then! I've been in a bit more of a creative mood recently, with a few ideas for some projects in my mind. Nothing has come out of it yet, but some of the things I have found for this post have made me think about pursuing a few ideas a bit further. For now, here's post number 6:

The Hipster Logo design guide. So bloody accurate, how many times have I seen this type of logo? (though I am slightly guilty of some parts of this): http://hipsterlogo.com/

Emerging from the logos by Yoni Alter. Amazing set of prints of Formula 1 cars stripped down to their advertising: http://www.yoniishappy.com/Emerging-from-the-logos-1

Incarnate (Three Degrees of Certanty II) by Maskull Lasserre. Carving a book into the shape of a skull must be time consuming, but it looks wonderful: http://maskulllasserre.com/artwork/2501867_Incarnate_Three_Degrees_of_Certainty_II.html

Photogenic Alchemy by Michael Cetta. Experimenting in the developing process by adding, amongst other things, absinthe and turpentine. The effects are striking: http://www.synapseshots.com/photogenicalchemy/


Chinon CE-4


Chinon CE-4, a set on Flickr.
Photos taken last winter with my latest film camera.