A quick little update (as it's been about 5 months since the last one......sorry!). I've made a website for my band, and you can find it here: recklesscaution.co.uk



2015 | Tom Colmans Illustration

So, it's that time again whereby I write a blog at the beginning of the new year, and put down a list of all the things I want to do (but never get around to finishing). Not this time!

Looking at what I wrote down last year, it seems like I have actually carried out some of the things on there, but not finished (duh). I'm still in the process of looking at my website, and bringing it in line with some of my other sites, but that's not too much of a problem until I've got some more work to put up.

I'm more concentrating on music at the moment, and that's taking up most of my creativity, but I've got some plans for the near future that will mean I will be posting more frequently.

Signing off!