One More Day

I've been trying to come up with different techniques with my drawing, and to make a theme in my current personal sketchbook that I can explore. I suppose I should explain what i'm doing in my sketch books......well, I have 2 sketchbooks at the moment that are, I suppose, a place to escape from projects and work on things I need to improve on, and styles i'd like to work in. One of them is involving collage, and the other one that i'm focusing on is one in which I only draw faces and people in. Most of the pages that i'll be putting on here and flickr are in this latter sketchbook, as the collage one is a bit more personal and so i'd like to keep that one under wraps until it is nearly finished. That said, here's a page I did literally about 3 minutes before I wrote this blog, just a quick self portrait in a style that i'm enjoying at the moment, with the thin and thick pens on a roughly painted background. Oh, and I never use yellow, so this is interesting in that respect. As always, check out my flickr page (accessed through the links section) and have a look around my work.

self portrait '08
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