Twitter: I've discovered it

So I've finally got this thing that I believe they call Twitter. I know, late on the bandwagon or whatever. Anyway, if you are on there feel free to add me: Tom Colmans on Twitter

On the illustration front, I've been busy and lazy. I lost my creative spark for a while, but it's slowly ebbing back, so hopefully more work will be on the way! I've been doing quite a bit of random doodling, which I'm thinking of turning into a book. Also having a few ideas for projects to do to take up the spare time I have on my plate.

I've actually had my first bit of illustration work! Exciting times! I'm designing some t-shirts for a new record label in Norwich called Manic Vision. Their ethics and ideas are really up my street, and hopefully if they like my design it shall actually get printed up and sold. Check them out here: www.manicvision.co.uk (Since the launch date is not until later on, the website is not quite finished yet)

I'm not really sure what else to write about here. I've started driving lessons, and that's going well. Yet another thing to get through and tick off the list. I've got a small part time job in an off license to give me some spare cash, though I think I might lose my job their as the company is going down the pan.

Website News: I'm working on a new version of my site, as although I like it it's just not quite what I want now, plus I've seen some of my ex-classmate's websites (Yes I'm talking to you Jo and Natsuki!) and I really need to pick my game up.

Blog post over. Here's a little drawing I did to celebrate my 100th post on Twitter (lame I know). Click for bigger/flickr version


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