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So, I've been working on doing a lot of recordings and such since the E.P I made for a gig last year, culminating in a full album. It's going pretty well, and I've been experimenting a bit with different websites to spread the music out. I've previously only really used soundcloud to release free music (click here to listen) but as I'm looking to release paid for content, I'm moving across to bandcamp (click here to listen) for my commercial releases.

There's 2 singles available for free up there (or you can donate per download, if you'd like!) as well asa digital and physical E.P for purchase. So, you know, take a look and buy one if you'd like.

The album is coming along well. Currently finalising the track listing, which is forever growing. The artwork is getting totally re-done, with a few illustrations coming my way which look amazing. Not sure on a release date yet, maybe a month or two. I will be looking at getting physical copies made as well, which should be nice.

Anyway, check out some of my tunes and buy something if you'd like. Here's the artwork for the 2 single. I seem to have a bit of an animal obsession with the artwork:

Wake Up

You Should Know

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