Inspiration roundup #4

Wow....i've actually managed to keep this going! It makes a change to be regularly blogging like this, and i'm actually quite enjoying sharing all these little things I find that make me think about doing more creative projects! I'm actually off to Portugal for a week after this post, so it'll be nice to have a short break (but not from finding inspiring things!). Here are the selections for post #4:

Stateside Maps by These Are Things. I love the aesthetic of these, reminds me of classic 1950's/60's advertising posters. Might have to invest in a few of them!: http://shop.thesearethings.com/collections/state-maps

Silence/Shapes by Filippo Minelli. Beautiful series of pictures using smoke bombs linked with architecture/nature. A nice juxtaposition: http://www.filippominelli.com/silenceshapes/

Poisoned Loaf poster by Blackbird. Love this so much, makes me want to get out the pen and ink more: http://playwho.com/shopmark/14366/poisoned-loaf-poster

Eiterquellen by Stefan Fuertbauer. A series of photos about Viennese wurstel diners and the Viennese fast food culture: http://www.fuertbauer.net/projects/eiterquellen/

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