Inspiration roundup #5

So, unfortunately I missed a posting last Friday. Blame going on holiday and having to catch up on a lot of work to do! Hopefully this post will make up for it though, with some treats for the eyes. 

Art by Sam Yong. I like some of his sketchwork in his portfolio, and nice work showing progression via his blog: http://inthewolf.com/

Retro Gals: Mods & Rockers. A series of prints and t-shirts by a few artists. I'm really liking the style!: http://www.familytreedesign.net/

Here's a bit of an oddity: A catalogue from 1890 of designs for what was to be the Great Tower of London (in response to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France). Most are straight rip-offs, but with some insane ideas (think of hanging gardens and the ilk!): http://publicdomainreview.org/2012/07/16/catalogue-of-the-68-competitive-designs-for-the-great-tower-for-london-1890/

Dead Astronaut wallpaper by Smatik: http://www.smatik.de/work_DeadAstronauts.html

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