Short update: Music, art & more

Hi all, sorry for the silence recently but I've been very unproductive and have had a lot of things on. Nonetheless, here's a quick roundup of some news.


Reckless Caution header

I've been working with a few others on a band recently, and it's now coming to fruition! We're called Reckless Caution, and we've recently set up a Facebook page. It would be great if you'd check us out and let me know what you think (also like our page, if you want!). We're also planning to start gigging soon, so more information on that will follow.

We've put up a couple of videos from our practice sessions on there, as well as some pictures of us galavanting about. You can find us on Facebook at the following link: Reckless Caution on Facebook


I've been pretty slack with drawing recently. I'm working on a new style which I'm going to concentrate on under a different imprint. I'm pretty excited to see where it will go, and I'm looking to do more regular work to get back into the rhythm of things so expect some more things soon.


I'm getting back into coding on my new website, which is very slowly taking shape. I'm going to be leaving my main website as it is for the time being (although I may have a look at some of the gallery pages to give them a bit of a refresh). I'm still trying to decide what the best option for selling some of my stockpiled work is, I'm moving towards Etsy due to ease of use and the size of the site rather than setting up my own thing.

Anyway, that's probably enough blathering on for now. As always, stay in touch!
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